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Traveler's Hostel or Halfway House?

Submitted by Teleosus on 15 October 2009 - 10:53pm

Well, I have had a few hostel experiences but here's one example of nonexistent or uncaring management.

Myself and another guest are happily asleep in a 3 bed dorm room in a 2 bedroom apt style unit, it's about 3 am. The 3rd guest comes in with a non guest female friend and wakes us both up.

They proceed to have sex about 3 feet away from my face, squeak, squeak, squeak.

I sit up and ask him nicely if he wouldn't mind going out to the empty living room and using the privacy of the sofa there.

He looks annoyed, smiles and says "sure" while the girl continues to straddle him like a horse and it's apparent he isn't going to do anything of the sort.

I say "No, man, I have to get up early, so...ah, please stop." He tells me to "F--k off", so I make the mistake of telling him to "grow up". He then gets out of the cot and grabs me around the neck, at which point I implore him, "I didn't come here to fight, I just want to get some sleep". I managed to hold him off but by then other people are also awakened and present so he stops assaulting me. Now I do not feel safe around this person, sleep is now pretty much out of the question and I tell him that he needs to leave or I am calling the police and pressing charges. He refuses to leave so I pullout my cellphone to call 911. At that point 3 other guests in the apartment relate to me that they would rather I not do that, the reason being that they are in the country illegally.

Well, fine, you tell this guy he has to leave. After 30 min of arguing with him, he finally leaves. You are probably wondering where the management is during this incident. Well they do not live at the 40 bed hostel and I tried calling their number but I guess they were off the clock.

The next day I left a note on the office door concerning what happened and why I did not call the police. When I returned that evening, tired, I saw the same miscreant giving me the evil eye.

It seems they just moved him to another room.

When I asked the "trailer trash" in the office why, she tells me that he was "way behind on his rent and they cannot let him leave now."

Oh I see - rule abiding, considerate, paying guests take second place to criminal, lowlife, nonpaying guests.

Crap in Roma

Submitted by Scarletblubird on 11 October 2006 - 11:23pm

I was backpacking and it being my first time away from home, I was a little depressed. I soon got sick with what I would later learn would be walking pnemounia (I opted for EasyJet instead of train travel. Damn recycled air!). Deciding I needed to cut the trip short and get home, I beelined for Rome before I left. I had to go to Rome!

I found a cheap hostel near the train station and thought a good rest would be in order. No such luck. After wandering Rome looking for this "easy to find" hostel, I squeezed through the narrow doors into the Freestyle hostel. I should have known from the name.

As soon as I walked in a dropped my shit, it was lockout time. So I was off in my decrepit state to see a couple churches, get a gelato, and call my mum.

After returning, I went for a nap in the ginormous dorm room on my piss poor bunk. Being a big girl and realizing these bunks are a tad unsteady, I took my stuff off the assigned bunk to a lower one (one of 5 available) to the dismay of who I call the warden. He made a fuss about my moving bunks but I ignored him and dozed off. After waking later to the noise of roommates, we began talking and visiting and swapping travel stories. Though the beds were terrible, the bathroom and shower were sad to say the least, and an anorexic could barely fit in the kitchen, I made some good friends. But we were repeatedly hushed by the warden for talking after 10pm. Apparently, talking and jovial laughter were against the rules. I understand discretion but this was worse than an abbey.

Hostel in Sydney, Australia

Submitted by Rosalynd

Sydney, Australia. Got in late, didn't make a reservation anywhere. Humped my way to three different hostels and finally found one that had a bed. One bed left, in a dorm, oh, and it's a male dorm, but...? I'm tired, my backpack is killing me, i don't care. So i get up there and the room is empty as they are all out partying. I make my way to the empty bed - the top of a bunk, thankfully, i feel i am somewhat 'hidden' - and notice there is porn mags and toilet paper rolls at every bed! Am i in for a night of circle jerk or what? i am positive i'll be molested once the drunken sex maniacs come back. They do stumble in about four and insist on waking up and talking to the newbie, introductions, where ya been, etc. There was no group molestation, thankfully, just drunken hooligans. Next day i moved to a mixed room and felt better. Until some one told me the room had just been sprayed for bed bugs....

Hostel in South Africa

Submitted by Chris

Had difficulty getting funds sent out to S.Africa, so Hostel owner,rather nasty biggot was quite happy to put me to work for 200 rands per week until the money came so I could pay my bill.(200rands=19GBP). Place is in Jo'Burg. Tosser of an owner.

Buzzing Pink Neon in Milano

Submitted by misscat

Showed up in Milano on a whim between visiting friends in the Uk and Germany. Arrived at Bergamo airport, took a shuttle to Milano, and hopped on the Metro to try and find the hostel I had booked online. The online description had looked decent and at 20 Euros a night who was I to argue? besides, it said it was 2 stops on the Metro from the Duomo. "Great! I can walk EVERWHERE!" I thought. Turns out, 2 stops was a typo and it was actually 12. An extra hour and a half. When i got off the metro and fought my way through Italian people-traffic and made my way past Italian men trying to sell me fake Versace and yelling "Ciao, Bella!", and finally found the right steep million-step staircase up to the street, I realized I had no idea where I was or where I was going. I stood on the corner staring at my now-tattered map of milano under a streetlight, and trying to read the faded street signs on the sides of the old buildings, while nearly getting run over by half a billion vespas and little buzzing european cars.

The Day My Panties Were Taken...

Submitted by Anon on 31 August 2006 - 4:39am

One morning at a hostel in New York I woke up to cockaroaches crawling all over my bed. I immediately took off my clothes and jumped in the shower. When I came out, my shirt was still where I had left it but my panties were gone. I guess the cockaroaches took 'em...Go figure.

Budget Hostel Bedbugs

Submitted by Anon on 31 August 2006 - 4:33am

One time in Amsterdam several years ago, I made the mistake of checking into the cheapest budget hostel I could find. All I need to have is a bed to crash on...or so I thought. After spending the day walking around the city and visiting a couple of coffee shops (c: I eventually ended up at one pretty close to my hostel. I don't remember if I had space cakes, space shakes, or both, but in any case I suddenly found myself feeling extremely tired. "Time to go to ged," I thought as I looked at my watch. To my great surprise, it was only 6:45 pm! I tried to stay up but my eyelids just kept getting heavier until opening them as much as possible only amounted to showing people that my eyeballs were rolled up into my head. Shit man, time to head back to the hostel.

I entered the hostel and, like a true paranoid, I kept my eyes down and tried not to make eye contact with anyone...Bad move. Walking up the stairs, all I saw around me was filth: empty food bags, candy wrappers, dirt, hair. You name it, it was there. And not only was there trash everywhere, it smelled like shit. Not shit as in it smelled bad, shit as in it smelled like someone took a dump in the hallway. Fortunately I didn't see any shit, and I even checked the bottom of my shoes just to make sure. At this point I just wanted to go to sleep, wake up, and find a new place to stay. After getting into bed, I realize that there are not sheets or covers there, but I was way too spent to do anything about it. I just kept my clothes on and passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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